"“I would recommend Camp Flix to anyone who loves movies and making movies. It’s a great place to meet other people who love doing that stuff and learn how to do it better.”"

Carter Wright, Camper


Camp Flix believes that great filmmakers come from all walks of life and believes strongly in providing opportunities to aspiring filmmakers from lower income families that might not be able to afford our camp. We really wish to fill these coveted slots with kids who have some level of passion for the arts and creating content.

Camp Flix offers a handful of scholarships per session and the applicants are decided on based on the family's income level, the child's stated desire to attend, and a recommendation from a 3rd party (teacher, clergy, coach, etc...)

All scholarships are for Day Camp Only and require the applicant to pay a reduced cost of $250.00 which includes lunch.  This is a savings of $595.

Application period is between February1st and April 30th and decisions will be made and scholarships offered by May 15th.