"I was so impressed with what I saw at the camp and premiere. It’s clear how much the campers achieved behind the scenes, but more broadly, the way I could see everyone interacting. You’re helping these kids form some of the bedrock of their character and identity."

2023 Parent


Camp Flix Selects

A curated selection of our best films.

Director's Cut (2023) - Best Mockumentary

Kid Wick (2023) - Best Hollywood

Searching (2020) - Co-Winner, Best Film Made During Covid Quarantine

Dear Drew (2015) - Best Drama

Respect and Accept (2017) - Best Documentary

This is Art (2013) - Best Comedy

Reflection (2018) - Best Special Effects

Duncan and the Donut (2013) - Best Performance by a Counselor

Elysium (2020) - Co-Winner, Best Film Made During Covid Quarantine

Waiting on Love (2012) - Best Silent Comedy Film

Dino Dilemma (2019) - Best Dinosaur Movie

Brute Force (2017) - Student Film Emmy Award Winner

Serial Killing 101 (2015) - Best Horror Parody

Camp Flix Yo! (2018) - Best Music Video